Hydrotherapy Sessions

How to Start
Firstly, you will be assessed by one of our physiotherapists to enable them to design the most appropriate program for your specific injury or problem. You will then be able to commence under the supervision of the physiotherapist. Ongoing assessments and  modifications are made over time to accommodate your improvements. If appropriate, you  may progress to unsupervised sessions, with review as required.

Where are sessions held?
Hydrotherapy sessions are held in a private pool facility, located close to our clinic in McLaren Vale.

Session Times

Monday                         7.45am—8.30am   2.00pm—3.00pm

Wednesday                 7.45am—8.30am   2.00pm—3.00pm

Friday                            7.45am—8.30am   2.00pm—3.00pm

Bookings are essential. Please contact our office if you are unable to attend a booked session.