Pelvic Floor Appointments

Your Initial Appointment
Initial appointments take 1 hour to ensure adequate time for a thorough assessment. During the initial appointment your physiotherapist will take a detailed history of your pelvic floor problem/s and well as a general medical and health history to ensure a holistic approach.

On booking an initial appointment you will receive some pre-assessment forms. Please fill these out and bring them to your initial appointment. These questionnaires give you a chance to think about some aspects of your pelvic floor function prior to the session, as well as providing valuable measures of your current function and measures of improvement throughout treatment.

To comprehensively assess your problem an internal vaginal or rectal assessment of your pelvic floor muscles may be required, but this will only occur with your consent.  This is often necessary to effectively diagnose problems and then prescribe correct treatments/exercises for each specific issue.

Follow-up Appointments
On average most patients attend approximately 4-6 sessions over 6-12 months, however this will of course vary depending on your specific condition.

Please contact our reception team for current fee schedules. A portion of fees can usually be claimed under private health insurance extras. Some individuals may qualify for funding under a Medicare’s Chronic Disease Management Plan (formerly the Extended Primary Care (EPC) program), which can contribute to the cost for up to five allied health visits per year. For more information, please contact our clinic or your GP office. There may be occasions where sessions require the use of single use equipment, this may occur additional charges.