Pelvic Floor Overview

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy
Physio Alive offers a comprehensive pelvic floor physiotherapy service. Our pelvic health physiotherapists each have, or are currently working towards post graduate pelvic health Masters qualifications, playing us at the forefront of this specialised field. Our physiotherapists provide individualised assessments and treatments for a range of pelvic floor conditions.

Conditions include:

  • Incontinence (urine, faeces, wind)
  • Overactive bladder symptoms (e.g. urgency, frequency, getting up multiple times overnight to urinate)
  • Prolapse (including conservative management, a comprehensive pessary service and pre/post-surgical management)
  • Constipation/difficulties defecating
  • Vaginal/vulval or pelvic pain and sexual dysfunction/Painful intercourse
  • Ante/Post natal pelvic floor assessment and advice

Treatment Strategies
Conservative measures can be extremely effective for the management of many pelvic floor and bladder/bowel problems.

Examples of treatment strategies include:

  • Education regarding your presentation and management options
  • Pelvic floor muscle training (specfically designed for each individual and based on your abilities and needs)
  • Bladder training/Calming
  • Education regarding prolapse prevention and management, including pessaries
  • Education regarding correct voiding and defecation postures
  • Advice regarding optimal bladder and bowel habits
  • Safe exercise advice
  • Education regarding pain mechanisms and pelvic floor relaxation techniques
  • Manual therapy for the pelvic floor muscles


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