Pilates Classes

Physio Alive offers a range of mat based and equipment Pilates classes designed to suit the varied needs of our clients. Initial entry to any our mat or equipment classes requires assessment by one of our physiotherapists. At your initial visit you will be thoroughly assessed and your goals outlined. Frequently, we use our real time ultrasound machine to visualise your deep abdominal musculature and ensure correct technique. Typically participants attend between 2-10 individual sessions to set up your individualised program prior to attending classes.

Bookings are essential, and all classes are claimable on private health insurance under extras.

Equipment Classes
We currently offer over 20 equipment classes per week at a ratio of 1 physiotherapist to 4-8 participants. These small group classes are held in our studio on our premises, and at McLaren Vale comprise 30 minutes of equipment Pilates exercise and  up to an optional 30 minutes cardiovascular exercise (Aldinga classes run for 45 minutes, without cardio equipment). The purpose-built Gill Lightfoot Pilates Studio at our McLaren Vale clinic features high quality Pilates reformers and trapeze table as well as areas for mat and ball work. We also have a cardio area with rower, bikes and treadmill along with a weight machine. See our equipment class timetable for current times, however the timetable changes with demand so feel free to contact us with specific requests.Pilates studio

Mat Classes

We currently offer a number of onsite Mat based classes per week, with one of our Aldinga classes offering a creche, (additional $5 per family). These classes are kept to a maximum of 10 participants to ensure excellent technique is maintained at all times and modifications can be given as needed. We utilise small equipment such as fit balls, hand weights, foam rollers, chi balls, theraband, and magic circles to add diversity and challenge.

Unsupervised Pilates

After completing a course of individual or class based Pilates, your physiotherapist may assesses you as safe to attend our studio unsupervised. We have times available for unsupervised Pilates and cardio exercise, and you can attend periodic review sessions with your physiotherapist to modify your program. Please see our timetable for studio availability (includes after hours times), but please note that priority must be given to anyone attending an individual session with their physiotherapist. The entry fee is not claimable on private health insurance, however we do offer session passes and monthly memberships to ensure the cost remains affordable.


Timetables are subject to change, so for current equipment and mat Pilates timetables please contact either of our clinics or drop in to pick up a copy.