Physio Alive offers a range of electrotherapy treatments as adjuncts for the treatment of a number of conditions.

Therapeutic Ultrasound
Ultrasound is applied using an applicator that is in direct contact with the patient’s skin. A water based gel is used to prevent friction and to improve the transmission of the ultrasound waves. There are a number of benefits to ultrasound, including: speeding up of the healing process due to the increased blood flow in the treated area, a decrease in pain due to the reduction in swelling and oedema, and gentle massage of muscle tendons and/or ligaments.

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Interferential Therapy (IFT)
Interferential therapy (IFT) uses a mid-frequency electrical signal to treat strains and spasms in muscles. The current creates an intermittent massaging effect over muscles, stimulating the secretion of endorphins, relaxing muscles and promoting healing of the soft tissue. Generally IFT is used to  relieve pain, stimulate muscles, increase local blood flow, and reduce oedema (swelling).

Low level laser therapy can be useful in the treatment of pain caused by conditions such as arthritis and sporting injuries, and is used to assist with pain relief and to promote tissue repair.