Oncology (PINC&STEEL program)

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Oncology (PINC&STEEL program)

There are few times when it is tougher to stay active than when you’re having cancer treatment, but perhaps even fewer times when it is more important to. Having a trained professional in your corner to develop an individualised program can help to maximise your recovery, regain physical and emotional strength and stamina, and make physical movement a part of your everyday life. We passionately support each of our patients to maintain or exceed international oncology exercise guidelines which recommend at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise and 2-3 strength training sessions per week.

That’s where the PINC and STEEL programs can help. They are suitable for adults at any stage of their cancer treatment, and aim to help people:

Optimise physical and functional recovery

Ease pain and muscular tension

Regain strength and mobility

Increase energy levels and improve breathing

Strengthen core muscles and improve posture

Improve physical functioning and maintain independence

Reclaim body confidence and control

Reduce treatment related side effects and

Shift focus from illness to wellness

Each program looks different – it may involve home stretches or strength exercises, supervised clinical Pilates, manual physiotherapy or doing your own exercise program in a supervised group setting.

The PINC and STEEL programs were founded in New Zealand by physiotherapist, Lou James to fill a much needed hole in cancer related rehabilitation. The programs are now successfully running world wide, supporting tens of thousands of individuals during and post cancer treatment. Physio Alive is proud to be one of the founding clinics offering the program in Australia, and Lauren is heavily involved in the administration of the program, being the South Australian PINC and STEEL foundation representative. Since our clinic involvement began in 2011 we have raised many thousands of dollars to help fund the programs for our grateful patients.

PINC and STEEL attendees are always welcome at any of our group exercise sessions, but we are proud to offer two specialised PINC group sessions each week. The support of fellow program participants during or following cancer treatment is invaluable, life long friendships have been formed and coffee dates after class are a regular occurrence!

Our physiotherapists Lauren, Janhavi and Courtney are accredited in the PINC program and Lauren is also trained in STEEL program provision.

If suitable for PINC or STEEL, you may be eligible to access financial assistance for this service as a result of our regular fundraising efforts – please call our clinic for more information.

Useful information: PINC and STEEL Australia au.pincandsteel.com